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permanent nature after such period as may be proscribed; (c) custody, use and withdrawal of public records; (d) arrangement, preservation
Central Government Act
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appropriate Government] may, from time to time, proscribe. (3) If any such statement is inserted in the declaration, award
Central Government Act
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determine, a Port Trust security in any other form proscribed by regulations. (3) The right to sue in respect
Central Government Act
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Sabha Debates Need To Proscribe The Book Titled `The Company Of Women' Published By ... on 29 November, 1999 Title: Need ... proscribe the book titled `The Company of Women'''' published by Penguin Books India, 1999.-Laid SHRI G.M. BANATWALLA ( PONNANI
Lok Sabha Debates
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Supreme Court of India Ram Jethmalani & Ors vs Union Of India & Ors on
Supreme Court of India
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Section 342 of the Code of Criminal Procedure was proscribed by the Government of India. 5. Nathuram and Apte were
Bombay High Court
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execution. By Sections 24 and 25 the time proscribed for presentation of the document for registration is extended by four ... ground that the document was not presented within the proscribed time,--and I do not think that the Civil Courts
Madras High Court
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lived were found maps of different districts of Bengal, proscribed literature, and an angle of a spring, the spring ... Swadhin Bharat," leaflets, two zinc blocks, a list of proscribed books and a copy of the Sedition Committee Report
Calcutta High Court
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Dwikhandita" written by Taslima Nasreen of Bangladesh could be proscribed in India, we may note some of the relevant facts ... offending passages for the purpose of ascertaining whether the proscribing of the book by the Government of West Bengal could
Calcutta High Court
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pornographic, or it may have been proscribed, but beyond the compass of this discretion we do not find any power
Bombay High Court
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