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specially convened Press Conference, respondent No.2 released the report of the Committee of his subordinates which substantiated the view ... Works & Housing was not based either on the report of the Three-Member Committee obtained by the Lt.Governor
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 82 - Cited by 816 - Full Document
freedom. (Freedom of the Press-A Framework of Principles-Report of the Commission on Freedom of Press in the United ... States of America, 1947; Report of the Royal Commission for the Press in the United Kingdom 1949; Ramesh Thapar
Supreme Court of India
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publication of the evidence of the witness. A reporter of the weekly along with other journalists moved this Court under ... trial. if incidentally, the petitioners were not able to report what they. heard in Court, that cannot be said
Supreme Court of India
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Berar also appointed an Inquiry Committee to examine and report on certain questions relating to the general working ... pensionary benefits, etc. 6. The Committees aforesaid made their reports on the respective dated March 31, 1949, and March
Supreme Court of India
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Press as such. Arnold v. King Emperor, (1914) L.R. 41 I.A. 149, referred to. A survey ... applied. Anand Bihayi Mishra v. Ram Sahay, A.I.R. (1952) M.B. 31, disapproved. Gunapati Keshavyam Reddy v. Nafisul
Supreme Court of India
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respondents mentioned therein from publishing any article, comment, report or editorial in any of the issues of the Indian Express ... where at page 120 onwards of the report Bhagwati J. referring to the decision of this Court in Ramesh Thapar
Supreme Court of India
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This incident was also referred to a Committee. The Report of the inquiry concluded, inter alia, that the evidence against ... also unethical and calling for strict action. The majority report also recorded the view that in case of misconduct
Supreme Court of India
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words within brackets supplied.) (At page 100 of the Report) (ii) Judged by the test of direct and indirect effect
Supreme Court of India
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plaint respondent has quoted certain extracts reported in India Today, which are stated to be part of the autobiography ... subsequently by learned counsel for the respondent. REFERENCES TO REPORTS ALREADY IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN PRIOR TO THE IMPUGNED WRITINGS
Delhi High Court
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conference held by the defendant. 5. Briefly stated, press reports quoted the defendant as having stated that the then Chief ... April 17, 1991 in Madras. Quoting the defendant, newspaper reports stated that source of information claimed by the defendant
Delhi High Court
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