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life - Right to life - Meaning of - Whether includes right to livelihood. Article 32 & 21 - Writ Petition against procedurally ultra ... habitat amounts to depriving him of his right to livelihood, which is comprehended in the right guaranteed by Article
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 36 - Cited by 593 - Full Document
Rajasthan High Court Manoj Kumar Bansal vs State Of Rajasthan And Anr. on 12 August
Rajasthan High Court
- Cites 51 - Cited by 2 - Full Document
Court in paragraph 32 : -- "If the right to livelihood is not treated as a part of the constitutional right ... point of abrogation......... Deprive a person of his right to livelihood and you shall have deprived him of his life
Orissa High Court
- Cites 50 - Cited by 3 - Full Document
also stated that right to be reinstated and right to livelihood is a fundamental right, which has to be protected ... supra) acknowledged the right to life as to right to livelihood with the following observations: 223. In the year
Central Administrative Tribunal - Delhi
- Cites 32 - Cited by 8 - Full Document
Karnataka High Court Fci Loading And Unloading Workers ... vs Food Corporation Of India on 25
Karnataka High Court
- Cites 50 - Cited by 8 - Full Document
Bombay High Court Abdulla A. Latifshah vs Bombay Port Trust And Ors. on 1 August
Bombay High Court
- Cites 30 - Cited by 9 - Full Document
logical corollary, right to life would include the right to livelihood and, therefore, right to work. The Court observed that ... found it feasible to incorporate the right to livelihood as a fundamental right in the Constitution. This is because
Gujarat High Court
- Cites 18 - Cited by 8 - Full Document
take away the right guaranteed under Article 19 of the Constitution and consequently deprive the livelihood under Article ... certain obligations upon the acquiring body and conferred certain rights upon the landowners and mandatory procedure laid down
Karnataka High Court
- Cites 86 - Cited by 6 - Full Document
which life is enjoyed, it also includes the right to livelihood. The ambit and scope of 'right to life' conferred ... taken away but embraces within its ambit the right to livelihood because no person can live without the means
Jammu & Kashmir High Court
- Cites 13 - Cited by 5 - Full Document
matter which deserves to be remembered is that right to livelihood has been recognised as a part of right ... nexus between life and the means of livelihood. Right to life does not only mean physical existence but includes basic
Punjab-Haryana High Court
- Cites 17 - Cited by 3 - Full Document
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