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Whether it was necessary to observe the rules of natural justice before issuing a notified order under section 18AA ... further whether section 18-F impliedly excludes rules of natural justice relating to prior hearing; and it was contended
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 54 - Cited by 320 - Full Document
open to challenge on allegations of violation of rules of natural justice; that moratorium under the statutory provisions could ... writ petitions and appeals, this Court, ^ HELD: 1. Rules of natural justice apply to administrative action and the decision
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 22 - Cited by 205 - Full Document
discretionary nature. Natural Justice-Application of rules of natural justice to- cases which relate not to rights but to mere ... whether the Commissioner acted in breach of the rules natural justice in not furnishing 198 to Messrs Chingleput Bottlers
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 13 - Cited by 52 - Full Document
ground that natural justice does not mean perfect justice. As a general rule, at all events, I hold that ... make a distinction between a total violation of natural justice (rule of audi alteram partem) and violation of a facet
Punjab-Haryana High Court
- Cites 10 - Cited by 54 - Full Document
Supreme Court of India Justice P.D. Dinakaran vs Hon'Ble Judges Inquiry Committee ... on
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 55 - Cited by 8 - Full Document
Companies (Central Government) General Rules and Forms, 1956. Rule 13 of these rules provides the procedure for making and consideration ... contents thereof are clearly deleniated. Sub-rule 5 of Rule 13 provides the nature of enquiry which the Central Government
Delhi High Court
- Cites 109 - Cited by 12 - Full Document
consequences could not be made without complying with rule of natural justice, viz., affording of an opportunity to the party ... natural justice is to secure justice or to put it negatively to prevent miscarriage of justice. These rules can operate
Karnataka High Court
- Cites 56 - Cited by 8 - Full Document
impugned order. The respondent has not followed principle of natural justice. The order vitiates on this ground alone. (4) That ... Section 52(4) excludes applicability of the principles of natural justice, then the petitioner cannot claim any relief. This action
Madhya Pradesh High Court
- Cites 37 - Cited by 10 - Full Document
formal disciplinary inquiry as contemplated under Rule 55 Rules 1930 and/or Rule 7 of 1999 in as much ... Constitution of India and Rules referred hereinbefore or principles of natural justice or not? In this connection at very
Allahabad High Court
- Cites 53 - Cited by 5 - Full Document
natural justice is to secure justice or to put negatively to prevent miscarriage of justice. These rules can operate only ... rules of natural justice is to prevent miscarriage of justice one fails to see why those rules should be made
Allahabad High Court
- Cites 30 - Cited by 6 - Full Document
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