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parties were present nor ceremony of Saptapadi was performed and as such, there was no valid marriage in the eyes ... Hindu rites including Sindoor ceremony as well as Saptapadi ceremony before sacred fire in presence of priest and witnesses. After
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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bride and groom are required to go for saptapadi. Learned trial Court also found that as the petitioner herself ... admitted that saptapadi was not performed, therefore, it cannot be said that she was legally wedded to Kunwarsingh
Madhya Pradesh High Court
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sisters Swati Sharma and Shweta Sharma were present. Saptapadi was performed by Someshwar Sharma. Mr. Ramrup Tiwari verified that both ... marriage was solemnized between appellant and her with "Saptapadi" or any form of marriage. She also denied the fact that
Madhya Pradesh High Court
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argues that marriage became complete only after Saptapadi was over. His contention appears to be correct. This ... that marriage of Smt. Manju Garg took place without Saptapadi. This is also not the case of the revenue that
Income Tax Appellate Tribunal - Jaipur
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marriage between the parties were actually concluded or the 'Saptapadi', which is an essential ceremony to be completed ... were held and not the seven pheras or the 'Saptapadi'. CR No. 04/09 Nagesh Jain Vs Pushpa
Delhi District Court
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specifically deposed that KANYADANAM as also SAPTAPADI were not performed and the marriage was performed by exchange of garlands ... invocation before the sacred fire and Saptapadi, as per the evidence of P.W. 1 - the very father
Andhra High Court
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invocation before the consecrated fire, and the saptapadi or the taking of seven steps by the bridegroom and bride jointly ... plaintiff and the defendant, and that the ceremony of " saptapadi" was also performed by them jointly taking seven steps together
Bombay High Court
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with Hindu rites and religion and that ritual, like 'Saptapadi' was performed. Simply because she did not say either ... course of evidence that the ritual of Saptapadi was undergone and at the same time, failed to state the place
Patna High Court
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girl present to do the Kannya Dan. Saptapadi is a very essential rite and neither Pt. Dharam ... becomes complete and irrevocable on the completion of the Saptapadi. In this case Kunti had also denied circum-ambulation round
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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amendment was introduced to legitimise the marriages performed without Saptapadi, since Saptapadi was considered as an Aryan ritual
Madras High Court
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