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Central Government Act Section 366A in The Indian Penal Code 1[366A. Procuration of minor girl.—Whoever, by any means
Central Government Act
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provisions of Section 366A and Section 372 read with Section 511 Indian Penal Code, 1860 (for short ... case under Section 366A or a case under section 372 read with Section 511 IPC was made
Supreme Court of India
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Therefore, the offence under Section 366A is not a minor offence to Section 366 IPC ... Section 366A is illegal, I may now proceed to analyse as to, whether the charge under Section 363 IPC
Madras High Court
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Section 366A IPC. But the word 'inducement' has not been defined anywhere in the Penal Code ... knowledge contemplated by this section. As such, the primary ingredient of Section 366A IPC appears to be absent
Gauhati High Court
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appellant would argue that no offence under Section 366A IPC is established even believing the prosecution case ... correct appraisal of the case a reference to Section 366A IPC, which reads as follows, would be relevant
Kerala High Court
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convicted the accused/appellant for the offence under Section 366A IPC and sentenced him as stated above ... preferring the complaint. (iii)The offence under Section 366A IPC has not been made out. To substantiate
Madras High Court
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evidence. 40. However, insofar as charge under Section 366A IPC is concerned, I find force in the submissions ... filed an application under Section 216 CrPC for framing additional charge under Section 366 IPC against accused persons
Delhi District Court
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complainant   U/s   161   Cr.P.C .   was   recorded.     During investigation,   statement   of   the   complainant   U/s   164 ... accused persons.  5. Charge   for   the   offence   U/s   366A/34   IPC ,   67   of Information   Technology
Delhi District Court
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accordingly he was sentenced under Section 366A IPC to suffer RI for 7 years ... conviction for the offence of abduction under Section 366A IPC of the appellant Sushanta, on perusal
Gauhati High Court
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appellant Vinod alias Vinodia under Section 366A , I.P.C . The accused persons were sentenced as mentioned below :- (1) Accused ... default in payment of fine. (2) Accused Vinod - Under Section 366A , I.P.C ..-Rigorous imprisonment for seven years
Rajasthan High Court
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