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SC1256 (14) RF 1992 SC1277 (38,99) ACT: Service Jurisprudence-Anomaly in recruitment Rules- Inter-se-seniority of Direct ... well recognised principle of service jurisprudence that any rule A of seniority has to satisfy the test of equality
Supreme Court of India
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accepted, would be against the settled principles of service jurisprudence. We also feel that, as the Rules hold ... held : "It will be against all rules of service jurisprudence, if a government servant holding a particular post
Supreme Court of India
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Supreme Court of India Jagdish Lal & Ors vs State Of Haryana & Ors on
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 27 - Cited by 182 - Full Document
part of the State is not unknown in service jurisprudence. Even assuming that such a power did not exist ... extremely undesirable, unjust and inequitable situation emerging in service jurisprudence from the precedents namely, that a person already rendering
Supreme Court of India
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date of entry into the cadre which in service jurisprudence is styled the date of continuous officiation. These notions ... service jurisprudence may have to yield place to the specific rules and the fact situation with reference to Rule
Supreme Court of India
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main petition have become infractions. Even in service jurisprudence the clock of history, sometimes, cannot be put back ... caters to a well-known situation in service jurisprudence that there must be some ratio of candidates to vacancies
Supreme Court of India
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have distinct meaning as also consequence in service jurisprudence. It is submitted that if retirement and resignation are treated ... implemented by applying strict interpretation. On resignation from service an employee is debarred from qualifying for pension and under
Bombay High Court
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Supreme Court of India In Re vs Mehar Singh Saini,Chairman Hpsc & ... on 12
Supreme Court of India
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going to be given herein regarding the service jurisprudence and the points of law that have to govern ... cases in the service jurisprudence, we are making this analysis regarding the responsibility to hold the DPC regularly
Central Administrative Tribunal - Kolkata
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unspecified situations. It is a basic rule of service jurisprudence that no rule or provision may comprehend and contemplate ... opposed to the basic concept of service jurisprudence. The rules are to be framed by the Central Government. Thus
Bombay High Court
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