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Criminal Procedure, 1973 409. Withdrawal of cases and appeals by Sessions Judges. (1) A Sessions Judge may withdraw any case ... commenced before the Additional Sessions Judge, a Sessions Judge may recall any case or appeal which he has made over
Central Government Act
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1842/90 are accused in Sessions Case No. 283 of 1986 on the file of the Addl. Sessions Judge, Tirunelveli ... 1841/90; Sessions Case No. 284 of 1986 of the same Sessions Division and Criminal Appeal
Supreme Court of India
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Sessions Division of Siwan for the expeditious trial of Sessions cases pending against Md. Shahabuddin. 4. The appellant is also ... sitting inside the District Jail, Siwan to try Sessions cases pending against the appellant Md. Shahabuddin. 6. Mr. Ram Jethmalani
Supreme Court of India
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Division under s. 194 had power to allot any Sessions case to any one of the Additional Sessions Judges ... Bangalore City in number of Ses- sions cases including Sessions Case No. 35 of 1980 in re- spect
Supreme Court of India
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Sessions, Bangalore. The Sessions Judge registered the case as Sessions Case No. 15/79. It appears that the jurisdiction ... powers conferred under Section 407 of the CrPC withdrew Sessions Case No. 15/79 from the Sessions Judge, Bangalore
Supreme Court of India
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Report was lodged against him in connection with some Sessions cases. Some of the co-accused in' these cases were ... release from preventive detention. The accused in the Sessions cases were thereafter convicted and sentenced, and Rao. filed a writ
Supreme Court of India
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October 1948 the regular procedure for the trial of Sessions cases ought to have been followed. The learned Sessions Judge ... commitment proceedings and the procedure for the trial of sessions cases with the aid of assessors at once came into
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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Additional Sessions Judge (Fast Track) No.1, Ajmer in Sessions Case No.157 of 2001. 2) Brief facts ... Fast Track) No.1, Ajmer and were registered as Sessions Case No. 157/2001 (FIR No.90/1992) and Sessions
Supreme Court of India
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sections do not contemplate that before committing the case to Sessions the magistrate should conduct some proceeding with a view ... Session to make an order committing the case to Sessions. Since in such a case the Magistrate taking cognizance
Allahabad High Court
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those two Calendar Cases are connected to the two Sessions Cases, based on the report of XVII Metropolitan Magistrate ... cease to be Calendar Cases and transform into Sessions Cases. A warrant case can never become a Sessions Case unless
Madras High Court
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