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with effect from which date the report of the Shetty Commission is to become effective. On 21st March, 1996, pursuant ... question arose that pending the recommendation of the Shetty Commission whether any interim orders can be passed giving some relief
Supreme Court of India
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Court, Bombay for declaration that the action of the Shetty Commission of referring the case of the petitioners ... Causes have been proposed to be placed by the Shetty Commission in Category 1. It is the case
Supreme Court of India
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Does the acceptance of the Report of the Shetty Commission by the Apex Court in the decision in All India ... argument is that in accepting the recommendations of the Shetty Commission, all that the Supreme Court has decided was that
Kerala High Court
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accepted the recommendations of Shetty Commission subject to the modifications mentioned in the said judgment. The High Courts ... other Court shall entertain them." 4. Justice Shetty Commission had found that in most of the States and Union Territories
Supreme Court of India
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appointed the National Judicial Pay Commission known as Justice Shetty Commission to examine the anomaly in the scale ... scales of the District Judges by the Shetty Commission by which District Judges were placed in higher scales which benefit
Gujarat High Court
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resolution dated 21.3.1996, which is commonly known as the 'Shetty Commission', to evolve the pay structures and emoluments ... Court allowed the application primarily taking a view that 'Shetty Commission' has been set up to look into the service
Punjab-Haryana High Court
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seek extension of benefits as made available by "Justice Shetty Commission" to the staff of the Family Courts ... dated 20.10.2011 resolved to extend benefits recommended by "Justice Shetty Commission" to the employees working on the establishments
Bombay High Court
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India , (2002)4 SCC 247 in respect of Shetty Commission and in the case of Malik Majhar Sultan ... referred to in the reply :- "The report of the Shetty Commission has been approved by the Apex Court
Bombay High Court
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Learned counsel would rely upon the recommendations of Justice Shetty Commission. In the report of Justice Shetty Commission, in clause ... said decision, the other recommendations of the Shetty Commission were accepted. Learned counsel therefore submitted that it means that prescription
Gujarat High Court
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21st March, 1996 was issued appointing Justice K.J. Shetty Commission to consider about their service conditions ... this Court considered various aspects of Justice Shetty Commission Report and approved the same. However, the question arose
Supreme Court of India
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