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Then the first defendant in turn entered into two subcontracts, one with the plaintiff and the other with ... Limited. The subcontract with the plaintiff is dated December 15, 1987. The value of the subcontract
Delhi High Court
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adherence of conditions of contract by them i.e. subcontracting of work without obtaining prior approval of NHAI ... wherein this question of prior approval of NHAI for subcontracting of the work was raised along with the dissatisfaction over
Madras High Court
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State of Madhya Pradesh on 12.4.2006. The agreement of subcontract between appellant and Ssangyong Engineering Constructions Company Ltd was entered ... dispute that in the agreement of subcontract, clause 27 provides for arbitration in case any dispute arises between the parties
Madhya Pradesh High Court
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Minutes Order 3 wpl-2843-10.sxw (iii ) not subcontract more than 50% of the Works measured in terms ... work measured in terms of value has been subcontracted to foreign contractors. The certificate submitted by the Chartered Accountants
Bombay High Court
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Crores. The assessee company entrusted the above work on subcontract to M/s. GKC Projects Limited (for short ... Chilamattur for M/s. GKC, which was subcontracted to them by the assessee company. The Assessing Officer found that
Income Tax Appellate Tribunal - Hyderabad
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acceptable). In view of the above, normally no additional subcontracting should arise during execution of the Contract." 4. The case ... fifth respondent, had refused to permit the subcontract, thereby flouting the directions of the Court. The learned Senior Counsel submitted
Madras High Court
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execution of this contract, the Appellant entered into two subcontracts (hereinafter, “the subcontracts”) with the Respondent herein, in respect ... cent of the work under the two subcontracts but thereafter ceased work on both. The Appellant cancelled the subcontracts
Supreme Court of India
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part of its production under this rule shall mean subcontracting all the production processes for conversion of raw material into ... Technology Park Unit or Bio-technology Park Unit, for subcontracting a process, with prior permission of and subject to such
Central Government Act
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SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES reads as under:- "29.1 This Subcontract Agreement shall be governed by the laws of (India) with courts ... execution or after the completion or abandonment of the Subcontract Works or after the determination of the employment
Delhi High Court
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said contracts were not in the nature of 'subcontracts'. b. The assessee had entered into separate contracts with the other ... main features for a contract to qualify as a subcontract is that the subcontractor should be eligible not just
Income Tax Appellate Tribunal - Pune
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