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Calcutta High Court held that the court-fee payable is the fixed court-fee and it is laid down ... where the suit itself is in substance a title suit and not a partition suit, the Court-fee payable
Orissa High Court
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Tamil Nadu Court Fees and Suit Valuation Act, relating to partition suits, the Court fee is payable, if the plaintiff ... court fee till 15-2-1973. As the court fee was not paid, the Trial Court dismissed the suit
Supreme Court of India
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Court Fee payable in an appeal is the same as the Court Fee that would be payable in the Court ... suit for partition and accounts, the Court fee which is payable will be same as the Court fee that
Karnataka High Court
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that a partition suit is a suit for possession. 4. As to whether a suit for partition of joint family ... prescribed as the court-fee in suits for partition and separate possession of a share of joint family property
Bombay High Court
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plaintiffs. The trial court held that the suit was chargeable with the fixed court-fee of Rs. 15/-. The defendants ... provides for payment of court-fee in a suit "for partition and separation of a share of joint family property
Calcutta High Court
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Delhi. Suits for partition of property-- Court-fee--(a) as determined by the Court-fees Act , 1870 Value ... paid fixed court fee of Rs 200/- under Section 37(2) of Tamil Nadu Court-Fee and Suits Valuation
Delhi High Court
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fees arises. The suit out of which this appeal arises was a partition suit and the question of Court-fees ... case although the matter arises in a partition suit the Court-fees leviable would be the amount of the owelty
Calcutta High Court
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provides for payment of fixed court fees in suits for partition of joint family properties as affixed by the plaintiffs ... they are entitled to pay fixed court fees and not ad valorem court fees on the plaint. 21. In rebuttal
Delhi High Court
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when the defendants in a suit have paid separate Court fee and sought partition and separate possession of their shares ... plaintiff and claim partition and separate possession by paying necessary Court fee and continue the suit. Refusal to grant such
Karnataka High Court
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case, the plaintiff brought a suit for partition alleging joint possession and Court fee was paid on one quarter ... Court to demand Court fee under the second part of sub-section (vi-A) of Section 7 , Court Fees
Karnataka High Court
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