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failed to notice the fact that the need for sustainable development cannot be ignored, could not do away with ... Constitution of India? 3. Whether the need for sustainable development can be ignored, do away with and cause harm
Supreme Court of India
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that human beings are a centre of concern for sustainable development. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life ... harmony with nature. Principle 3 enunciated the principle of 'sustainable development'. The principle states that the right to development must
Bombay High Court
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DALVEER BHANDARI, J. : In consonance with the principle of `Sustainable Development', a serious endeavour has been made in the impugned ... article "The Contribution of Environmental Management Systems to Sustainable Development: Relevance of the Environmental Management and Audit Scheme" aptly observed
Supreme Court of India
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postpone or disguise the inevitable. 13. The concept of sustainable development is now part of our environmental law, in view ... leading decisions of the Apex Court dealing with sustainable development and related principles is in Vellore Citizens' Welfare Forum
Kerala High Court
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precautionary principle" is a part of the concept of sustainable development. We quote hereinbelow paragraphs ... pays principle which are part of the concept of sustainable development in our country is now well settled. In Vellore
Supreme Court of India
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global competition. Then, what is desirable is a sustainable development, by being resilient, but not rigid; organic, but not static ... India. Therefore, there is a necessity for a sustainable development harmonizing both the needs and striking a golden balance between
Madras High Court
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quite obvious that on the principle of sustainable development, no mining activity can be carried out without remedial measures taking ... possible to undertake mining operations on the sustainable development principle, the Court should not impose complete ban on mining
Supreme Court of India
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Madras High Court Selvakumar vs Union Of India on 9 November, 2010 BEFORE THE MADURAI
Madras High Court
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project is known that the principle of sustainable development would come into play which will ensure that mitigative steps ... taken to preserve the ecological balance. Sustainable development means what type or extent of development can take place which
Supreme Court of India
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order or decision or award, apply the principles of sustainable development, the prescautionary principle and the polluter pays principle
Central Government Act
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