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Supreme Court of India Tata Cellular vs Union Of India on 26 July, 1994 Equivalent citations ... Author: S Mohan Bench: Mohan, S. (J) PETITIONER: TATA CELLULAR Vs. RESPONDENT: UNION OF INDIA DATE OF JUDGMENT
Supreme Court of India
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holds the field, which in the present case is Tata Cellular v. Union of India (1994) 6 SCC 651 rendered ... significant characteristic of the doctrine of stare decisis. Tata Cellular has been so ubiquitously followed, over decades, in almost every
Supreme Court of India
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reliance on the judgments of the Apex Court in Tata Cellular v. Union of India , , Air India Ltd. v. Cochin ... taken a correct decision, which the Supreme Court in Tata Cellular case has held to be beyond the scope
Andhra High Court
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Andhra High Court Tata Cellular Limited, Nampally, ... vs Commercial Tax Officer, ... on 13 April, 2001 Equivalent citations
Andhra High Court
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being the amount of license fees paid by TATA Cellular Ltd to Department of telecommunication upto December ... 01st January 2001, the assessee company taken over TATA Cellular Ltd and accordingly the TATA cellular Ltd. merged with
Income Tax Appellate Tribunal - Mumbai
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Delhi District Court Municipal Corporation Of Delhi vs M/S Everest Enterprises Pvt. Ltd on
Delhi District Court
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City Council reported in 1989 (3) All ER 162, Tata Cellular v. Union of India , Sterling Computers ... drawn to the decision of the Apex Court in Tata Cellular v. Union of India . (4) The petitioners having submitted
Calcutta High Court
- Cites 63 - Cited by 8 - Full Document
return, the petitioner had disclosed that a company named Tata Cellular Limited had amalgamated into the petitioner ... explained that the assets and liabilities of Tata Cellular Limited had been accounted for in the accounts
Bombay High Court
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meet the primary requirement of experience as above. ...In Tata Cellular, this Court, has mentioned two other facets of irrationality ... aforementioned principle 5 as laid down in Tata Cellular. In other words, what has to be seen is whether
Madras High Court
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Andhra High Court Godavari Polymers Pvt. Ltd. vs Agricultural Products ... on 4 December, 2003 Equivalent
Andhra High Court
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