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does not include an appeal or an application; (m) β€œtort” means a civil wrong which is not exclusively the breach
Central Government Act
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this act of negligence he may be liable in tort, his carelessness or want of due attention and skill cannot ... gathering consciousness about their rights, actions for damages in tort are on the increase. Not only civil suits are filed
Supreme Court of India
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Limitation Act, 1963 22. Continuing breaches and torts.β€”In the case of a continuing breach of contract ... case of a continuing tort, a fresh period of limitation begins to run at every moment of the time during
Central Government Act
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liability arising from contracts as well as torts. it would be incorrect to assume that the share of an assessee
Central Government Act
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jurisdiction, the Court cannot award exemplary damages for the "tort of misfeasance in office", as in the proceedings under this ... officers, specially the Right to Life, but not for "Tort" for which action should have been initiated under the Private
Supreme Court of India
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defence in private law in an action based on tort. This is a distinction between the two remedies ... remedy in private law for damages for the tort resulting from the contravention of the fundamental right. The defence
Supreme Court of India
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proceedings void--Doctrine of restitution --Applicability of Law of Torts: Mass tort action--Court assisted settlement--Non-affording ... referred to. "Law of Toxic Torts" by Michael Dore; "Health Problems of Bhopal Gas Victims", ICMR Report - April, 1986, referred
Supreme Court of India
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holding share in company--Govt. alleged to be joint tort feasor--Whether competent to repre- sent victims--Whether principles ... multina- tional company--Govt. having shares in company--Alleged tort-feasor--Whether competent to represent victims--Doc- trine that
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 83 - Cited by 188 - Full Document
cause of action by reason of a tort or a breach of obligation arising from the carriage of goods from ... goods in any ship, and (c) any claim in tort in respect of goods carried in any ship
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 43 - Cited by 168 - Full Document
regard to the assessment of the quantum of tort feasors or joint tort-feasors liability and as such the report ... which one ought to bestow. Clerk & Lindsell on Torts (18th Ed.) sets out four several requirements of the tort
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 16 - Cited by 208 - Full Document
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