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compensation and damages for the injuries, including mental torture and emotional distress, caused by the acts of domestic violence committed
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 518
those who die in custody on account of torture. The Law Commission of India also in response to the notice ... basic human rights of the citizens. Custodial violence, including torture and death in the lock ups, strikes a blow
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 32 - Cited by 498 - Full Document
beats, kicks, over-rides, over-drives, over-loads, tortures or otherwise treats any animal so as to subject
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 498
liable to fine. Illustrations (a) A, a police-officer, tortures Z in order to induce Z to confess that ... offence under this section. (b) A, a police-officer, tortures B to induce him to point out where certain stolen
Central Government Act
- Cites 0 - Cited by 304
tempered, of course, by environmental realism but intolerant of torture by executive echelons. The policy ... that it is a crime of punishment to further torture a person under going imprisonment, as the remedy aggravates
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 57 - Cited by 246 - Full Document
Kaur. The de- ceased complained to them about the torture as well as cruel behaviour of her in-laws ... before and they have not stopped maltreating her and torturing her and she was not happy there. On June
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 17 - Cited by 205 - Full Document
merely by physical threats or violence but by psychic torture, atmospheric pressure, environmental coercion tiring interrogative prolixity, overbearing and intimidatory ... cerebration involved is hard and the resort to torture may yield high dividends. [646 F] [Keeping in view the symbiotic
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 39 - Cited by 121 - Full Document
delay in execution of sentence--Whether amounts to mental torture--Necessity for observance of procedural fairness emphasised. Arts ... dehumanising factor of prolonged delay with the mental torture in confinement in jail had rendered the execution unconstitutional. In view
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 66 - Cited by 64 - Full Document
this Court on 19.11.1998, alleging illegal detention, custodial torture and harassment to family members was registered as a writ petition ... Punjab & Haryana High Court on 24.3.1998 alleging harassment, torture and illegal detention for three days (from
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 26 - Cited by 82 - Full Document
years old had been treated cruelly and had been tortured both mentally and physically by the accused. It has been ... husband and his mother had also caused severe mental torture to the deceased by telling that she had brought bridal
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 7 - Cited by 112 - Full Document
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