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recognises the importance of trademarks. Our AdWords Terms and Conditions with advertisers prohibit intellectual property infringement by advertisers. Advertisers ... those advertisements. Google takes allegations of trademark infringement very seriously and, as a courtesy, we investigate matters raised by trademark
Madras High Court
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filed a suit for injunction against infringement of trademark, infringement of copyright, and passing off, besides other ancillary reliefs ... suit is "suit for permanent injunction restraining infringement of Trademark, infringement of copyright, passing off......" Suit for infringement of trademark
Delhi High Court
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plaintiff. 21. In a case of infringement of trademark, the plaintiff may establish that the plaintiff's trademark is identical ... also the gist of an action for infringement of a trademark which is a statutory remedy conferred on the registered
Delhi High Court
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course of trade, will amount to trademark infringement of dilution or tarnishment if one applies the appropriate tests evolved ... TATA trademark and "T" device does not amount to trademark infringement, as it is not commercial usage, meant to profit
Delhi High Court
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permanent injunction against the defendants for restraining the infringement of trademark, passing off, delivery up, damages and rendition of accounts ... 2004 praying for permanent injunction restraining infringement of trademark, passing off, rendition of accounts of profits, delivery up and damages
Delhi High Court
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simply possible) is the standard for both trademark infringement and passing off. ii. Priority of use needs to be considered ... establish trademark infringement and/or passing off in most cases (we discuss one statutory exception where confusion is presumed
Delhi High Court
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Page 1 of 50 in a suit for infringement of trademark, passing off, dilution etc., and by which order ... subject trademarks "LOSORB" and "LO-SORB" and consequently whether an action for infringement is maintainable if a person such
Delhi High Court
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orders" or transactions, in relation to passing off, or trademark infringement cases, as constituting "use" or cause of action ... Blue Note" mark. It accordingly sued the Defendant for trademark infringement in New York. It was noticed that New York
Delhi High Court
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part of the 'Bloomberg Group'. The Plaintiff filed a trademark infringement and cyber squatting suit against Defendant No. 3 Bloomberg ... reads as under: 29. Infringement of registered trademarks. (1) A registered trade mark is infringed by a person
Delhi High Court
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defendants say that ITC is estopped from alleging trademark infringement by reason of Section 17 of the Act. In this ... urged that there is no possibility of infringement of copyright or the trademark, nor is there any likelihood of deception
Delhi High Court
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