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Bhandari Bench: G.P. Mathur, Dalveer Bhandari CASE NO.: Transfer Petition (civil) 228 of 2004 PETITIONER: Sanghamitra Ghosh RESPONDENT: Kajal ... consuming. In these circumstances, the petitioner had filed a transfer petition praying that matrimonial suit no.437 of 2002 titled
Supreme Court of India
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District Judge, Udaipur (Rajasthan). By the instant transfer petition filed under section 25 C.P.C., 1908, the wife sought ... makes it clear that it deals with power to transfer petitions and direct their joint or consolidated "trial in certain
Supreme Court of India
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Member of a House. A large number of petitions were filed before various High Courts as well as this Court ... constitutionality of the Amendment. This Court transferred to itself the petitions pending before the High Courts and heard
Supreme Court of India
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Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 43 [ 21A Power to transfer petitions in certain cases. — (1) Where— (a) a petition under this ... petition is pending, shall exercise its powers to transfer such later petition as if it had been empowered
Central Government Act
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SPECIAL LEAVE PETITION (CRL.) No.6163 of 2004 [With Transfer Petition (Crl.) No. 71 of 2005 and Transfer Petition ... Lokeshwar Singh Panta, J. Transfer Petition (Crl.) No. 71 of 2005 and Transfer Petition (Crl.) No. 75 of 2005: These
Supreme Court of India
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wrongly utilised and had resulted in a spate of transfer petitions on behalf of women folk on an assumption that ... delayed and kept pending till the disposal of the transfer petitions. 8. There cannot be a' different yard stick
Madras High Court
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WITH TRANSFERRED CASE (CRL.) NOS.2-3 OF 2013 @ TRANSFER PETITION (CRL.) NOS.38-39/2013 ... KABIR, CJI. 1. Leave granted in the Special Leave Petitions. Transfer Petition (Crl.) Nos.38-39 are allowed
Supreme Court of India
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Versus Amitbhai Anil Chandra Shah and Another … Respondents WITH TRANSFER PETITION (CRIMINAL) NO.44 OF 2011 Central Bureau of Investigation ... This order deals with an appeal and a transfer petition filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation
Supreme Court of India
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SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CRIMINAL ORIGINAL JURISDICTION TRANSFER PETITION (CRIMINAL) NO. 235 OF 2008 Capt. Amarinder Singh .... Petitioner(s) Versus ... Prakash Singh Badal & Ors. .... Respondent(s) WITH TRANSFER PETITION (CRIMINAL) NO. 179 OF 2008 JUDGMENT P. Sathasivam
Supreme Court of India
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well as the promotees filed their responses to the transferred petition. The State of Maharashtra pleaded that the seniority list ... footing that the identical contentions were raised in Transfer Petition No. 822 of 1991 and, therefore, such contentions cannot
Supreme Court of India
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