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person not an animal, and an under-trial prisoner is a fortiori so. Our nations founding document admits ... forced on the person of an under-trial prisoner ordinarily. As necessarily implicit in Articles 14 and 19, when there
Supreme Court of India
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effects in the country, so far as the under trial prisoners are concerned, I could not persuade myself to agree ... kept in prison for very long period as under-trial prisoners and in some cases the sentence of imprisonment, ultimately
Supreme Court of India
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legal and judicial system to the under-trial prisoners languishing in the jails. It seems that once a person accused ... four petitioners who are merely under-trial prisoners awaiting trial could be kept in leg irons contrary to all prison
Supreme Court of India
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quoted below.- 35. When a convicted or under-trial prisoner is sent, in pursuance of a requisition from a Court ... death respectively. 31. Chapter 18 deals with under-trial prisoners which contains paragraphs 444, 445 and 450 which are relevant
Allahabad High Court
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said provision includes the imprisonment undergone as an under-trial prisoner or only imprisonment after conviction. 2. Before we examine ... imprisonment he suffered as an under-trial prisoner. To answer this question, it would be advantageous to advert
Bombay High Court
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resulting in the death of one under-trial prisoner Suresh Pal Singh @ Guddu and causing firearm injuries to another under ... trial prisoner Suneel, H.C.(P) Shiv Baran Singh and Court Peon Ghan Shyam Singh occurred in Court's premises
Allahabad High Court
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General of Prisons, in not producing the various under trial prisoners (UT prisoners for brevity), before the trial Courts ... learned Government Pleader shall famish details regarding the under trial prisoners lodged in various jails in the State including Central
Andhra High Court
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contended that the persons are under-trial prisoners under the said Act cannot be treated as a separate class ... better treatment but the proviso prevents the under-trial prisoners under the said Act from enjoying their Constitutional rights
Madras High Court
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petitioner thereafter remained in Jail as an under-trial prisoner. Sessions Case No. 15 of 1974 was decided on April ... foregoing that the petitioner remained as an under trial prisoner from October 19,1973 so far as Sessions Case
Gujarat High Court
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made of the following incidents of handcuffing of under trial prisoners : 17.11.92 & 19.11.92 - Khemla Aujanharia was handcuffed and paraded ... responsible for the aforementioned acts of handcuffing of under trial prisoners, A direction was, therefore, given by order dated June
Supreme Court of India
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