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Statistical Officer should be implemented on Post-Based Roster or vacancy based. 2.The Union of India represented ... Post-Based (vacancy) Roster and since the applicant is already getting the scale of pay of the Statistical Officer, namely
Madras High Court
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July, 1997 the Department had moved from vacancy based roster to post-based roster. The respondents have attempted to clarify ... only, the shifting to post based roster from vacancy based roster has been adopted for the purpose of appointment wherever
Delhi High Court
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Circular No.113/97 "Under the existing instructions, vacancy based rosters have been prescribed in order to implement the Government ... vacancies. The Court further held that the vacancy based rosters can operate only till such time as the representation
Supreme Court of India
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post based roster while filling up the vacancies of the years 1994 and 1995 instead of vacancy based roster, although ... post based roster could only apply to 'vacancies' arising after 2.7.1997 and till that date the vacancy based roster would
Central Administrative Tribunal - Delhi
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Sabha Debates Regarding Need To Restore Vacancy Based Roster In Place Of Post Based ... on 19 March ... Title: Regarding need to restore Vacancy Based Roster in place of Post Based Roster for filling up vacancies
Lok Sabha Debates
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change, the respondents also introduced the Post Based Roster for reservation of vacancies from the same date ... Roster being followed, as different from the earlier Vacancy Based Roster in the case of ISS, had been notified only
Central Administrative Tribunal - Delhi
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roster, the vacancies were to be filled up in the following manner: 1st vacancy Promotion 2nd vacancy LDCE 3rd vacancy ... LDCE 2nd vacancy Sh. B.Parida Promotion 3rd vacancy Sh. Neeraj LDCE 4th vacancy Promotion 5th vacancy Promotion However
Central Administrative Tribunal - Delhi
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appointments, promotions, regularisations etc. in the Slum Wing as based upon the practice and rules adopted ... respondents were required to maintain the 40 point Roster in employment in prescribed proforma to give proper effect
Delhi High Court
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point vacancy based roster. This roster was running roster and the vacancies were filled as per the reservation points indicated ... specific category. As per this 40 point vacancy based roster, a vacancy for ST candidate arose in the year
Central Administrative Tribunal - Delhi
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existing 200-point, 40-point and 120-point Vacancy-Based Rosters shall be replaced by Post-Based Rosters. Thus ... vacancies. It is further held that the Vacancy-Based Roster can operate only till such time the representation of persons
Delhi High Court
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