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established under sub-section (1) of section 4; (u) “Vakalatnama” includes memorandum of appearance or any other document by which
Central Government Act
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arrayed as appellant Nos. 1 and 2 respectively, the Vakalatnama accompanying the memorandum of appeal was signed only ... Singh and no vakalatnama had been filed on behalf of DCC. He, therefore, rejected the request of Ram Kalewar Prasad
Supreme Court of India
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Chadha was in possession of a blank vakalatnama and a blank paper, both signed by the complainant, given ... made to suffer a decree for eviction. The blank vakalatnama was used for engaging Shri Anil Sharma, advocate, on behalf
Supreme Court of India
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respondent's appeal as competent when the vakalatnama filed on his behalf was invalid ... from an infirmity, because, the 1st respondent signed the vakalatnama in favour of the Government Pleader. But, since the Registry
Supreme Court of India
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thumb impression affixed on the plaint and Vakalatnama, signed them both and had them filed in court. After the suit ... thumb impression thereon as well as on the Vakalatnama. As regards the notice of January 8,1951, respondent
Supreme Court of India
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petition in Court on the strength of a new vakalatnama was duly authorised; nor is it necessary to examine ... which the compromise petition was filed. The vakalatnama contains a precis of the contents of the petition of compromise
Calcutta High Court
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Rahmat Husain. He referred to the terms of the "vakalatnama" executed by the plaintiffs. Accordingly the application was dismissed ... force if the vakil had been authorised by his vakalatnama to take the action which he did, because, if such
Allahabad High Court
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date i.e. on 2nd of August, 2002 filed vakalatnamas on behalf of Respondent No.1. She also stated that ... knowledge that her senior Mr.Thali had filed his vakalatnama on 2nd of August, 2002 on behalf of Respondent
Supreme Court of India
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alia it is contended that the cancellation of their vakalatnamas is mala fide for various reasons; the power to cancel ... passed stereotype order against 20 Advocates cancelling their vakalatnamas in about 900 matters on 31st August 1994. 8. Special Civil
Gujarat High Court
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These two Pleaders and two others accepted a vakalatnama from the defendant No. 2 in a Suit ... cannot accept that contention. The Pleaders had accepted the vakalatnama and it is proved, in my opinion, that they were
Calcutta High Court
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