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Constitution and amenable to writ jurisdiction. Viva voce test-Interview of each of the candidates lasting only two or three ... total marks required for the qualifying examination for the viva voce-Whether bad, unreasonable and arbitrary-Whether prescribing different admission
Supreme Court of India
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interviewed candidates closely related to Members-Selections-Whether vitiated. Viva voce examination-20 candidates called for each post-Whether justified ... case of other candidates- Whether the viva voce examination suffers from the vice of arbitrariness-Guidelines for fixing marks
Supreme Court of India
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Fixation of minimum qualifying marks for eligibility for viva-voce test-Further fixation of qualifying marks to be obtained ... viva-voce for final selection-Validity of. Supreme Court Rules 1966 Order XL & Constitution of India, 1950 Article
Supreme Court of India
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notification were declared to have qualified for viva voce test. In all 79 candidates were found qualified for the viva ... selection of Munsiffs consists of written examination and viva voce test. The Commission, respondent no. 2 accordingly conducted the said
Supreme Court of India
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additional qualification of obtaining minimum marks at the viva voce test is adhered to, a candidate who may figure high ... obtained minimum qualifying marks at the viva voce test..This was impermissible and contrary to the Rules and the merit
Supreme Court of India
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Recruitment of - Service Rules providing for written examination and viva-voca test and prescribing minimum marks for qualifying - High Court ... Committee fixing minimum of 60% marks in aggregate after viva voce test - Full Court and Selection Committee decisions - Whether valid
Supreme Court of India
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Ideal mode-By written examination or by oral test (viva voce) or by a combination of both explained-Rajasthan Judicial ... considered and the matters to be tested in the viva voce examination-Allocation of 25% of the total marks
Supreme Court of India
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subjects chosen by the High Court and next a Viva-voce test. The result of the examination is required ... confined to holding the written examination, holding the Viva-voce test and arranging the order of merit according to marks
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 3 - Cited by 193 - Full Document
Supreme Court of India K.Manjusree Etc vs State Of A.P & Anr on
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 4 - Cited by 174 - Full Document
Service Commission- Not participating in deliberations at candidate's viva voce-Selection of candidate-Valid. HEADNOTE: For the recruitment ... deliberations of the Commission when Bansal went for the viva voce test. [418C] (3) No material has been shown
Supreme Court of India
- Cites 3 - Cited by 202 - Full Document
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