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done to purify waters of a man made artificial water body and detritus. 3. Other three Special Leave Petition bearing ... Nagtalai and Brahmapuri were diverted to empty into the water body which led to its degeneration, siltation and settled deposits
Supreme Court of India
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Therefore in the event of acquisition, the entire river water bodies would be ruined. 10. S IPC OT has challenged ... factum of acquisition of wet lands as well as water bodies specifically. According to the third respondent, they would take
Madras High Court
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around the question of protecting, preserving and improving the water-bodies in the State and safeguarding them against encroachments ... given to the State Government to maintain all water-bodies, lakes, ponds etc. and to remove encroachments at the earliest
Gujarat High Court
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Poppalguda Junction, was found to be affecting a water body and school building. Accordingly, an alternative alignment was considered ... follows : (i) The alignment should not affect any water body, as it was environmentally sensitive zone. 6 (ii) The alignment
Supreme Court of India
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resulting in pollution. In this process, the entire rain water body, the Ery will be decimated in the near future ... District Collector, and no encroachment on the water bodies/resources should be regularised. It was further directed that any future
Madras High Court
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Puzhal Panchayat Union. There is a perennial source of water body known as Kathirvedu Thangal, which is rain ... stated in the affidavit that due to encroachments, several water bodies in North Madras area have lost their character
Madras High Court
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Better Living in Calcutta (Public), a public spirited body. By reason of the impact of the West Bengal Land Reforms ... there are three columns namely (i) agricultural area, (ii) water body oriented, area and (iii) Urban Rural Settlement
Calcutta High Court
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road should cause minimal damage to the water body. 2. The alignment should be aligned such that volume reduction ... calculations show that the minimum requirement of interlinking of water bodies on both sides of the road
Madras High Court
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time of construction, in to a very large water body creating great amount of pollution and as such the said ... dumped either in the EKW or in a nearby water body or river channel further destroying the said fragile ecosystem
Calcutta High Court
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only converted into industrial land without any disturbance to water bodies and there is no forest or forest land ... forest land. The project would not affect water bodies and water table would be maintained. As per the observation
Madras High Court
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