Search Tips

Word and Phrase search: Indian Kanoon allows you to look for words and phrases in the main document text and in the title of documents. Some words that you may like to search are freedom of speech, murder, copyright infringement, proclamation of emergency, reservation for other backward castes, reservation in private colleges, and sexual harassment. For phrases, enclose a set of words by quotation marks. For example, in order to search for phrase freedom of speech in the document/title text, you need to type "freedom of speech" in the document/title text box.

Operators: Beside phrase search, words can be combined by ANDD, ORR and NOTT opertors. So a search for 'murder ORR kidnapping' will search for documents that have either the word 'murder' or the word 'kidnapping'. Similarly, a search for 'murder ANDD NOTT kidnapping' will look for documents that have the word 'murder' but not the word 'kidnapping'. ANDD is implicit when used with a series of words. So 'murder kidnapping' is effectively 'murder ANDD kidnapping'. Note that the operators ANDD, ORR and NOTT are case sensitive and require at least one space at both start and end.

Rstricting search by document types: By default, Indian Kanoon will query all documents and try to find out the most appropriate section/article, subsection or sub-subsection to a particular query. However, Indian Kanoon may sometimes give you terrible results. In this case, you can narrow your result set by selecting only the set of documents that you are interested in.

The document selection allows you to target your query to only a narrow set of documents. A law passed by the Parliament of India is divided into section/article, subsection and sub-subsection. For example, Constitution of India will be available as the complete document, articles like Article 19 (protection of certain rights), subsection as Article 19(1) (all citizens have the rights) and sub-subsection as Article 19(1)(a) as (freedom of speech and expression).

Restricting search by date: Normal search will look for documents on all possible dates. You can restrict the dates by going in advanced search and changing the fromdate and todate. If one of them is left unchanged, fromdate defaults to minimum possible date and todate defaults to maximum possible date.

Title and Citation Search: A search on the main box will automatically query the titles and the citations (like "1977 AIR 1579"). The documents with title and citation match will surface to the top. However, if one wants to restrict the search to only documents that match words or phrases in title, one can use the "title:" filter. For example, to only look for documents that have kesavananda in the title, one can use the type "title: kesavananda" in the main search bar. Similarly, to search only for documents that have 1993 AIR citation one can use "cite: 1993 AIR".

Author and Bench search:One may also like to look for documents written by a particular judge. In order to restrict to judgments that are written by a particular judge, one can use the "author:" filter. For example, to look for judgments written only by arijit pasayat, type "author: arijit pasayat" on the main box. Similarly, the "bench:" filter allows you to restrict judgments that have only the given judge in the bench. For example, to find judgments in which "Arijit pasayat" has been on the bench, type "bench: arijit pasayat" on the search box.

If you think some important feature is missing or you unearth a bug, please post it on forums.